Plan the Vacation of a Lifetime

Instead of taking the family to tired old theme parks, mainstream Broadway shows, or even Las Vegas, go somewhere they will never forget. Tourism in Georgia country is exciting and accessible throughout the year. Whatever the family enjoys doing can be found there, plus a substantial amount of unique experiences. The first thing to do when beginning to plan this wonderful vacation is not to confuse the European country with the US state of the same name.

A wise idea is to research the multitude of georgia tours available. Most range from a full day to two weeks and are geared to accommodate diverse interests. Those seeking relaxation and pampering, for example, will want to discover spa and wellness tours. These include regular spa resorts, natural thermal waters spas, and even sulfur baths.

Fascinating Historic and Educational Tours

Yes, it will still be a vacation, only filled with dramatic scenery, amazing cave towns, and a visit to the historical monuments of Mtslcheta, which happens to be the former capitol of Georgia. Among the countless things to do in georgia, there are tours that take travelers on the European route of historic theaters, bring them to archeology dig sites, and offer pilgrimage tours.

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The history of this country is one of invasions and conquerors. The location is the gateway between Europe and Asia. It is also located on the famed Silk Road which was a trading artery for silk, gold, opium, wine, and other goods. The people who had control of the country could take advantage of its strategic position.

Seeking Adventure?

Thrill-seekers can explore many unspoiled places to visit in georgia. People into off road 4×4 treks will not be disappointed. Hiking, rafting, paragliding, hunting, and caving are also available in cost-effective tour packages. Looking for that once-in-a-lifetime experience?

Hire a helicopter to drop you off on the top of a mountain of untouched snow. Ski down for the ultimate thrill ride. Most major ski resorts in the country offer this option. Be sure to visit the Winter Museum while recovering from the “Heli-Ski” activity. Designate someone to take pictures or video because friends and coworkers will not believe it.

Take in a Performance

Georgia has a rich history of celebrating the culture, folklore, wine, music, cuisine, dance, ballet, and the theater at festivals and performances in just about every town, city, and village. The capitol city of Tbilisi is the home of the international jazz festival every November. Details on several different festivals can be found online.

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